278 Million Unprepared 278 Million Americans Are Totally Unprepared
By Douglas Hoover

It is not likely that your grandparents, parents, teachers, spiritual counselors or even your government have taught you how important it is to be prepared for an emergency, disaster or catastrophe. There is more than a 90% chance that my statement is accurate based upon numerous surveys conducted recently to determine how many Americans are prepared for an apocalypse. Was I wrong, or are you by chance part of the 10% that is totally prepared for a catastrophic change in your world as you know it?...  Read More

My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge...Hosea 4:6

National Survey Shows over 90% of Americans Unprepared for Disasters
T Matthews - CNN

In spite of the recent natural disasters, corresponding media attention and government recommendations, nearly half of Americans report no change in their level of concern about how a disaster might affect them. Americans are still not taking action to prepare themselves for an emergency. READ MORE:

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EMP Attack

Top 10 Worst Disasters-Watch it Now

  Americans aren't prepared for the next mega-disaster...
The head of a national disaster preparedness center says Americans are grossly unengaged and unprepared for the next disaster. This could be a massive earthquake, volcanic eruptions, dirty bomb, crash of the dollar, EMP attack or pandemic that puts swine flu to shame. By declaring Martial Law, Obama may remain in office indefinitely, while impacting our constitutional rights.

​          (Do you have a plan that will keep you alive?)

There's a storm coming...

...and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32 


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Eating the Frozen Dead
By Douglas Hoover 

Why are over 90% of Americans unprepared for survival? The short answer would be, they were not taught or trained how to survive under severe conditions. So why not?

When was the last time you had to forage in the woods for your next meal or wash your clothes in a nearby creek? How many Americans rely solely on firewood for heating their homes and for cooking, or manage without electricity, refrigeration or freezers?

How many Americans have starved to death as a result of severe winters or extended drought? When was the last time you heard a group of 86 people traveling to California got caught in a severe snow storm with only 41 surviving by eating the frozen dead...Read More