You can prepare for a disaster or emergency by storing water or simply making it as you need it from any polluted water source...

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Also included is a 1lb. jar of tank cleaner and a HM Digital COM-80 TDS/ EC meter 

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Last thing you want to see if the water no longer flows from your tap at home.

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You never have to add water to the stainless boiling tank since it is kept full by a stainless steel level control float valve and a continuous flow of water to the condensing chamber by way of a solar water pump placed into the water source and powered by a 5 watt solar panel with legs (included).

The Stainless Steel SurvivorStill is a non-electric water distiller being released to the market in a matter of weeks that will produce over 12 gallons of pure drinking water per day. It will purify water from any polluted source such as a lake, stream, ocean, drainage ditch, pond, pool or even from the sewer!  It is recommended over all water filters by the Red Cross, FEMA and Homeland Security. 

Water is the first thing to fly off the shelves immediately following disasters.

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This can happen in a matter of minutes from the time a disaster is announced!

You can live weeks without food...four to five days max without water...

The SurvivorStill has a 5 year warranty and is totally automatic and is a completely closed system. It starts in the boiler, the condenser through a post polishing filter and into a glass collection bottle, also sealed. At no time does the water make contact with the air or outside contaminants.

Each SurvivorStill comes in a heavy duty 7 gallon bucket with a water-tight and air-tight screw-on Gamma Lid. It comes with a heavy duty industrial grade 5 watt solar panel and solar submersible pump. Each purifier comes with glass collection bottle and post filter to ensure there are no VOCs.

After One Week Into Any Disaster or Emergency...

What is The # 1 Item Survivors Are Either Dying or Killing For?